Girl, Ebony

"That Girl"

Not Marlo Thomas.
Definitely Not Maxi Priest and Shaggy.
Think Stevie.

Today Assata Shakur was added to the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list. Making her the first woman to be placed on said list. And I hope she is somewhere in Cuba laughing.

I found it odd in 2005 when the FBI added the first $1,000,000 bounty on her head arbitrarily 32 years after the incident that resulted in the death of the NJ state trooper. And it still seems odd 40 years later that they now want to add her to list of the most wanted people on the planet and add another million to sweeten the pot. Why then and why now? I’m not quite sure.

I also never quite understood why, not too long after the bounty was first placed, her name was suddenly removed (though it had been there with no issue for 17 years) from the community center of our shared alma mater.

What I do understand is how bad this lady is. How many people have you heard of that have escaped from prison and lived to tell to tale? How many people do you know that escaped and were never caught again and forced to return? How pissed off must these cops be that she has gotten over on them so badly? That she is still able to walk free in Cuba and live her life outside of a prison cell?

And a negress, no less! How did a Black woman get over on them so hardcore and for so long?! So much so that all they can do is whine and moan and put her on more “wanted” lists and offer more money for their futile efforts to put her back behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit. Despite all evidence that COINTELPRO was a racist, corrupt, manipulative program that was determined to “neutralize” the Black Panther Party (and by extension, the Black community at large), regardless of legality, we are still chasing after a woman who had the audacity to escape prison when the “legal system” was not designed to work for her.

I hope that her heart is well tonight. I hope she is calm and that this is merely a reminder of how amazing she is. These so-called law enforcers are beside themselves. They got Bin Laden, but can’t get Assata. I hope everyone reading this post, reads her autobiography (a life changing book, btw) in celebration of this day. And I hope she is smiling with the knowledge that she beat them and they can’t touch her.

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