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One thing that continues to bug me about the response to the Republican failure this election season is the string of left-leaners saying various versions of “I want a two party system. I want them to be a viable option. This is not good for America!”

First of all… Why are we striving for just two options? Do we really think continuing along the road with the same two tired options of lukewarm pseudo-progressivism that up until recently has been largely scared to be liberal (and still responds to bullshit Red Scare tactics!) OR (best case scenario) “moderate” Republicanism is beneficial to anyone?

Second of all… a budding middle-of-the-road Republican party is far more dangerous than this pathetic, internally-conflicted, openly hostile shell of a party we current have. At the end of the day the current incarnation of the party is racism.

Now you can shine up racism, put a bow on it, make it sit up straight, part its hair down the middle and top it off with glitter and confetti. At the end of the day it’s still racism. The entire party’s platform is and has always been "we don’t want Negroes getting ‘free stuff.’” The idea of wanting that perspective to be more palatable to voters (when it doesn’t even deserve the recognition it currently gets) is ridiculous. Forgive me if I don’t shed a tear if the party does in fact eat itself alive.

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